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^Wfor Control-W (press the Control key and then press "W") Should you encounter a Window you are unable to close, ^W can usually solve the problem
-a hyphen placed beside a character indicates a traditional character that has been simplified used on traditional character group forms only
(pinyin)pinyin enclosed in parentheses represents nonstandard pronunciation common outside the PRC (principally HK and TW)
(字)characters enclosed in parentheses are characters on the PRC 35K list. PRC frequency between 2501 -- 3500. No parentheses signifies that they are on the 25K list.
[abc]when enclosing text, signifies that text
[mw]Measure Word: a word used between a number and a noun that indicates the class to which the noun belongs; sometimes called Counter, Number Measure, etc.
[xhy]歇后语 xie1 hou4 yu3
{pinyin}pinyin enclosed in braces signifies an archaic pronunciation
{字}characters enclosed in braces are on neither the 25K nor the 35K Lists; PRC freqency > 3500 pinyin enclosed in braces signifies that the pronunciation is archaic
25KPRC 2500 list: the 2500 most common characters in use PRC frequency between 001 -- 2500
35KPRC 3500 list: an additional 1000 characters over and above the most common 2500 PRC frequency between 2501 -- 3500
ABCDThe four HSK categories of common characters and vocabulary A is the most common
BBBBasic Building Blocks of character formation
BVBasic Vocabulary Includes most HSK ABCD lists, plus common words and expressions left off those lists
CASSChinese Academy of Social Science refers to the 189 radicals for simplified characters
HKHong Kong S.A.R.
HSKChinese acronym for the "Chinese Proficiency Test" (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi 汉语水平考试)
KXKang Xi (Emperor Kang Xi 康熙, reigned refers to the 214 traditional radicals
OSOOptimum Study Order: based on frequency lists from PRC, HK, and TW plus a weighted average of embedded characters
PRCPeople's Republic of China
Stroke Code一= 1, 丨 = 2, 丿= 3, 丶= 4, 乙,乚,乛 = 5 for a detailed description see the Components Help file
TWTaiwan (R.O.C.)
VBVVery Basic Vocabulary Based on frequency statistics, the words needed for basic communication
WXYZuser selected character and vocabulary review categories there are WXYZ buttons on nearly every page