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Omni Character Lookup
  If you were unable to find the character you wanted by pinyin lookup or simply didn't know its pinyin, if it is
  among the five thousand most common characters in Chinese, then you WILL find it here.
  For the best, most efficient way to find an unknown character, use Component Look Up, but depending on the
  information you have at hand, one of the other methods may prove to be more helpful

1. Look Up by Copied Char.

Look Up

4. Look Up by Component
If you have copied a character from another application and would like to look it up in the database, simply copy that character into the box to the right and then press Look Up

If the character you seek has a recognizable part and you know the pinyin for that part, find that component here and it will lead you directly to your character. Or if you don't know the pinyin of the component, but know the pinyin of a character that includes it, then find that component by first finding a character that contains it and then locating the component. See the help file for more information.

2. Look Up by Stroke Code
If you are comfortable with the very useful five stroke codes, they can also be used to look up characters:
3. Look Up by Radical / Stroke

And finally, if you are more comfortable using radicals and stroke count , to find characters using either of these methods, click here: